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SL Sochi Legal Trademark

SL Sochi Legal is a registered trademark owned by Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners (registration certificate No. 596726).

Personal Data Processing Policy

  1. General Provisions
    1. This Policy constitutes an official document of Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners Law Offices. St Petersburg, having its offices at 22-24, Nevsky Avenue, suite 132, St Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation (the «Organizer»), and sets out the procedure for processing and protection of information of the individuals willing to participate in any capacity in Kazan Legal 2017 International Forum (the «Forum») by way of registration on the website at (the «Website») and (or) by way of sending of an email at (hereinafter also referred to as the «Participants»).
    2. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure a proper protection of information on the Participants, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.
    3. The relations related to collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information on the Participants shall be governed by this Policy; the Organizer’s other official documents and the current laws of the Russian Federation.
    4. The most recent version of this Policy has been posted on the Website at The Organizer shall be entitled to amend this Policy. Posting of an amended version of this Policy at the address referred to herein shall constitute a proper notice of amendments to the Participants.
    5. By registering to participate in the Forum in whatever capacity, Participants express their unconditional consent with this Policy and terms of their personal data processing referred to herein; should Participants disagree with these terms, they are to abstain from registration.
  2. Data Processing Purposes
    1. The Organizer shall process the information on the Participants, including their personal data, for the purpose of:
      1. the Forum organization;
      2. making the general public aware of the Participants and the events held under the Forum (meetings, round table discussions, presentations etc.) by way of posting of the said information on the Website and/or social networks Twitter and Facebook, as well as in printed marketing materials;
      3. communication with the Participants, and namely by way of sending of notices, requests and information on the Forum, contract and agreement performance;
      4. statistical and other studies based on anonymized data etc.
  3. Scope of Participant Information
    1. The Organizer shall process the following Participant information.
      1. Participant personal data, which includes:
        1. the data provided by the Participants and/or required for registration at the Forum: first name, family name, patronymic (if any), telephone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address, company / employer, position, mailing address: postal code, country, city, region, website;
        2. Participants’ photos (color and/or black and white ones).
      2. Other information on the Participants as processed by the Organizer:
        1. the data automatically transferred to the Organizer while Participants go to the Website using software installed on their devices, including the IP-address, cookies, information on the Participants browsers (or any other software used to access the Website), the technical specifications of equipment and software used by Participants, the date and time of accessing the Website.
  4. Processing of Participant Information
    1. Personal data shall be processed based on the following principles:
      • legitimacy of means and purposes of personal data processing;
      • good faith;
      • compliance of the personal data processing purposes with those specified in advance and claimed at the personal data collection, as well as the Organizer’s authorities;
      • compliance between the scope and the nature of the personal data processed and the means of personal data processing with the personal data processing purposes;
      • prohibition to merge databases, which contain personal data, created for inconsistent purposes.
    2. The Participant personal data shall be collected on the Website at the registration for the Forum in any capacity, as well as at further entry by the Participant of further personal information at their discretion using the Website tools and/or by way of sending a request to the Organizer in any form.
    3. The Participant personal data shall only be stored on electronic media and processed using automated systems, except where non-automated personal data processing is required in order to comply with the law.
    4. The Organizer shall be entitled to transfer the Participant information to third parties, where:
      • the Participant has consented to such actions;
      • such transfer is required for the Participant’s use of the Website or for performance of a certain agreement or contract entered into with the Participant;
      • such transfer is provided by the Russian laws under statutory procedures;
      • following the Participant personal data processing by way of its anonymization, there have been obtained anonymized statistical data that will be transferred to a third party for research, work performance or service rendering, as commissioned by the Organizer.
    5. The Participant may at any time amend (update, supplement) the personal data provided or any part thereof by way of a request to the Organizer in any form.
    6. The Participant may at any time request that the personal data provided by them be removed by sending an electronic request to the Organizer at However, removal of the Participant information referred to in Clause 3.1. hereof prior to the end of the Forum may lead to the Organizer’s failure to provide to the Participant the service package related to participation in the Forum, and shall mean the Participant’s unilateral waiver from the agreement and or the contract entered into with the Organizer to participate in the Forum.
    7. The Participant shall be entitled to request that the Organizer adjusts, blocks or destructs the Participant personal data, where such data are incomplete, obsolete, invalid, illegally obtained or unnecessary for the processing purpose claimed, or where the Participant fails take the steps referred to in clause 4.5 hereof.
    8. The Participant shall be entitled to obtain the information related to their personal data processing from the Organizer upon request.
  5. Participant Information Protections
    1. The Organizer shall take technical and legal steps in order to ensure the Participant personal data protection from unauthorized or accidental access thereto, deletion, amendment, blocking, copying or dissemination thereof, as well as from other wrongful acts.
  6. Participant Communications
    1. The Participants shall be entitled to send all proposals or questions as related hereto to the Organizer by way of sending of an email at or by way of sending of a hard-copy communication at 40/5, Bolshaya Ordynka Street, Moscow 119017, Russia.