16 September 2017

09:45 – 18:30
Kazan Sightseeing Tour

Why not take advantage of a unique opportunity to get to know the city of two religions?

You will learn of Kazan’s ancient and modern sides, its architecture, history, and legends. You’ll see the Kazan Kremlin and the famous leaning Söyembikä Tower, visit the Qolşärif Mosque, one of the largest in Europe, and find out why the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was expelled from Kazan University, and why Vladimir Lenin, founder of the USSR, left it of his own accord.

The ancient city locality of Sviyazhsk will introduce you to its ancient churches, the timbers of one of which were touched by the hands of Ivan the Terrible, first Tsar of all Russia. Lunch then awaits at the Sviyaga Country Club on the picturesque banks of the river Sekerka, where you’ll taste local delicacies.

By pre-registration only.
Buses depart from Korston Royal Hotel.

20:00 – 23:00
The Folklore Evening Reception

The concluding event of Kazan Legal will take place at the Kazan Racecourse. At the Folklore evening reception the forum participants will be offered delicious Tatar cuisine to the sound of captivating folklore music and dancing. The guests are welcome to try their luck – there will be horse races arranged during the dinner, with all profits given to charity.

Kazan Horse Racecourse.
Transfer will be provided from Korston Royal Hotel.