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Russian Asian Legal Association

Russian Asian Legal Association

The Russian Asian Legal Association was established in 2016 to strengthen cooperation between advocates and lawyers from Russia, the CIS, Asia and other regions of the world, to establish and develop cross-border legal projects.

The Board of the Association includes:

  • Representatives of large State-owned businesses of the CIS countries, Eastern and Northern Europe, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong;
  • Heads of the largest international arbitration courts;
  • Deans of law schools, universities in Asia and Russia;
  • Representatives of advocates society;
  • Representatives of parliaments of the Eurasian region countries.

The Association holds more than 10 conferences/seminars/round tables each year in Asia and Russia.

The main goal of the Association is the implementation of specific legal projects and establishing cooperation between advocates and lawyers of the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, other Asian countries and Russian-speaking countries.